Navigating Business Key;s WA Online Directories: Types of Featured Business Spots and Its Benefits

WA online directories have become indispensable resources for individuals and local businesses alike. They provide a convenient platform for showcasing various businesses and services. Business Key’s directories, in particular, offer a wealth of opportunities for local businesses looking to shine. 

These featured spots are more than just space. They are prime digital real estate that local businesses can leverage to enhance their brand visibility. Whether you’re navigating the homepage or exploring specific categories, these strategic placements beckon attention. They serve as dynamic platforms for businesses to showcase their offerings, values, and unique selling points.

Within the intricate web of our online directories, you’ll discover a multitude of front-row advertising strategically placed throughout the homepage and various service pages.

Featured Business Spots: An Overview

The Significance of Premium Placements

These featured spots are coveted positions that offer businesses prime visibility within a specific category or search results. These spots allow companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and gain a competitive edge.

How Featured Business Spots Differ from Regular Listings

Regular listings are typically free and include basic information such as business name, address, and contact details. In contrast, featured promotional spots come with various enhancements, which may include prominent placement, additional business details, and multimedia elements like images and videos.

Types of Featured Business Spots

Business Key online directories offer a range of prime directory spots to cater to different marketing needs. Let’s delve into the types:

“Featured Businesses”

Premium listings are the cream of the crop in the online directory world. They offer spotlight positions on the home page. They showcase your logo, business name, website, email, address, contact details, operating hours, and brief descriptions that are all hyperlinked to your business page. 


They grant businesses prime real estate, ensuring maximum visibility. Once the user clicks on any of the details mentioned above, they will be immediately directed to your business page. 


These featured spots become more than just promotional spaces; they are strategic assets. They offer a competitive edge, a chance to stand out in a crowd, and a powerful tool to attract potential customers. 


Want to give your business top-tier exposure? Start by listing in Business Key’s online directories. Here’s how!

Client Showcase

These rotating banners showcase Business Key’s partners and effectively highlight important relationships, boost credibility, and engage visitors to our website.  


This strategic promotion highlights the business relationships and collaborations we have established throughout Western Australia. It instils trust and credibility and demonstrates successful associations with well-known companies in the region.


But! They do more than showcase Business Key’s long-standing clients. Users can interact with these banners. By clicking on a banner, they will be directed to that specific member’s business page and gain access to relevant information about that business.



These rotating banners typically include features like smooth transitions between images.


If your business secures such a spot, it’s like reserving a front-row seat at a major event and grants unrivalled visibility to your blog(s).

Sponsored Links

These are blogs promoted as “Sponsored Links” displayed at the bottom of category result pages and standard members’ pages. We advertise these links under competitive pages to give premium members free ground to promote their brand.

These links also present relevant content that offers value to potential customers using the website while giving additional promotions to premium members’ businesses.

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Banner Ads on Category Pages

These banner advertisements are strategically placed to capture the attention of users actively searching within the directory. They are visually appealing and serve as direct gateways to your business page, increasing the likelihood of user engagement and conversion. 


We have three distinct options – top banner, side banner, and panel banner – each with its advantages:

Top Banner

The top banner advertisement is strategically positioned at the top of category pages in the directory. This prime location ensures maximum visibility to users as they search for businesses within a specific category.


These banners offer ample space for creative and attention-grabbing visuals. See this top banner example of Natrad Kalgoorlie’s below. 

It showcases a straightforward design that displays only the necessary information a user needs to contact the business. 

hyperlinked to your business page. This means users who click on the banner will be directed to the detailed business listing, increasing the chances of conversion.

Side Banner

Side banner advertisements are positioned on the side of category pages, ensuring they are easily noticeable without dominating the main content area.


These visual branding placements are an excellent choice for businesses that want to complement their textual listing with striking visuals or offer special promotions.


to your business page. Clicking on the banner takes users to the business listing for more information.

Panel Banner

Panel banners appear within panels, catching users’ attention as they scroll through listings. Their placements are optimised to reach the target audience effectively.

They often feature high-quality images or graphics that grab the viewer’s attention. This visual appeal is crucial for drawing users’ eyes to the advertisement.


Like the other banner options, panel banners are clickable, linking users directly to your business page, where they can find detailed information about your business, products, or services.

“People Also Viewed”

The “People Also Viewed For” feature uses algorithms to analyse user behaviour and preferences. When a user clicks on a standard member’s business listing, we suggest related premium members’ businesses under the same category, thus enhancing user experience by helping them discover additional options.

This feature is found on every standard member’s page. Not only do users benefit from this feature, but it also helps promote businesses by promoting cross-exploration of similar listings, potentially leading to increased customer engagement and visits.


Featured spots in Business Key’s online directories represent an invaluable opportunity for local businesses all over the region. They are not just digital spaces. They are beacons of visibility, credibility, and competitive advantage. 


We strategically utilise these brand showcase spots alongside well-optimised listings to further amplify your business’s online presence, leading to increased customer engagement and sustained growth. 


So, if you’re looking to set your business apart in the dynamic landscape of online directories, consider securing a featured spot and unlock the many benefits it has to offer. Contact us for more information via our website!




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