Google My Business Management

Business Key can help you unlock the power of Local SEO through Google My Business. We will optimise your GMB to help you capture new leads and convert searchers into customers.

Stand out From the Crowd with Google My Business

To stay competitive and survive the increasing competition in today’s digitally-forward market,

making the most out of your Google My Business Listing is the best way!

Converting Searchers into Your Customers

Improve your Google My Business ranking and be part of the 3-pack. Make an impactful first impression on your customers and have a lasting relationship with them using your GMB account optimised by Business Key. You get to reach new customers, convert more leads and experience steady growth!

Our GMB Management services:

 Amplifies your presence on Google

  Enhances GMB listing engagement

  Increases website visits, phone calls, bookings, etc.

  Positively impacts your local rankings

Boosts your competitive advantage

GMB Management Service with Business Key

Your GMB listing is what a potential customer sees when they search for a product or service on Google. We help make your Business Profile command attention and compel searchers to choose your business from search results.

Auditing your GMB Listing (or getting started with verification)

The first step of the process is we get to know your business and conduct an audit of your GMB listing based on all the best practices we’ve learned. If you don’t have an existing GMB listing, we’ll get one claimed and verified for you during this step!

Creating a personalised plan of action

After a complete audit of your listing, we’ll create a personalised plan of action that improves your GMB Listing. This acts as a strategic roadmap customised to your service and location area, showing how your business will compete in the digital jungle.


Utilising GMB features for better positioning

How do you gain a competitive advantage in a dense market? By building a strong profile, of course! We’ll optimise the basic elements of your GMB listing, select the best categories and services, attributes, create custom descriptions, precise map pin locations, and more!


Managing and promoting your listing

We strategically and consistently manage all the available features of your GMB listing to make your business stand out on search results. We’ll take care of your profile monitoring, posts, reviews, Q&As, spam reports, and regular reporting.


Connecting and reaching your customers

Your GMB listing is a valuable opportunity to show your customers that you care, listen, and create positive relationships. We’ll help you maintain a good reputation when it comes to answering customer questions and responding to reviews.


Getting results and revenue

Now that your Google My Business listing is properly managed by an expert account manager, you’ll start to see an increase in traffic, higher local rankings, and leads calling. You have customers coming and new opportunities your way!


Google has become the transactional space of the Internet.

Nowadays, Google makes it’s presence in every business transaction. That’s why it’s important that a significant percentage of your Local SEO should be dedicated specifically to optimising and polishing your GMB listing.

Getting to Know Your GMB Listing Features

Most businesses benefit from Google My Business because of the amount of detail that goes into the listing. Google gives GMB listings importance and expands their capabilities.

A GMB Management service to help
rankings and beyond

Our GMB Management service is specifically designed to improve your Google listing and Local SEO for better and improved results. Optimising your GMB listing is not just targeting top rankings to improve your online presence, but also cover off-page optimisation techniques that gain heavy traction in today’s playing field in SEO.

Featuring your products and services

Adding your products and services to your Business Profile makes it easy for customers to get access to what you’re offering. Display attention-grabbing photos of your new inventory and showcase top-selling items directly in your branded search results.

*This feature isn’t available to all regions and categories. However, this should be accessible to all in the near future as this feature’s continuously rolling out.

Creating engaging posts and updates to captivate your audience

Google Posts is a space where you can create eye-catching posts with content on new products or services, current specials on the menu, events, etc. It’s a special feature that lets your business command attention through posts. Our account manager will work one-on-one with you to learn everything about your business and create engaging and unique content that opens a space for customers to engage directly with your business.

Actively managing your brand’s reputation & customer relationships

Reviews and Q&As create a direct impact not only on your brand’s reputation, but also on your local rankings, and overall sales. Customers are drawn to companies with a huge number of reviews, high ratings, and business owners that respond.

We develop a personalised strategy that aligns with your business’s mindset. We will answer your FAQs in advance, respond to all of your new Google reviews, engage in conversations with customers, and influence searchers to convert into clients. All these are the GMB optimisation tricks we use to get your listing to the top and helps build brand loyalty while influencing searchers to become clients.


Regular monitoring and knocking out of spammy competitors

We can act as your GMB anti-spam report and analysis partner, do regular reviews on the Google Maps landscape, check for spam and schemes like multiple listings, keyword stuffing, fake addresses, virtual offices, and other bad tactics that manipulate SEO results. Going beyond the standard service, we help knock out spammy competitors and open new ranking opportunities for your business.

Leave Your GMB Management Troubles to Us!

Gain the edge you need to stand out, increase listing engagement and your local rankings all for a reasonable management price!

What You Can Expect From Our GMB Management Services

If you’re not using your GMB listing to engage prospective customers then you’re missing out on real opportunities. Don’t worry, we can help!

Ready to improve your Google Maps rankings?

Get in touch to discuss Google My Business Management Services that suit your needs and budget now!


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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (or GMB) is a listing directory within Google particularly beneficial for “local” businesses or businesses that solely rely on their location for the product or service they offer (e.g. a business or a physical store that caters to a specific area).

Does your GMB Management Services help my rankings?

Yes, it does! Our GMB Management Service can have a positive impact not only on your listing’s capability to rank for local keywords, but also to increase to get your leads from Google search results and improve user engagement.

Will you need my Google Business listing login?

We only ask to be added as a manager of your GMB account. You do not have to share your Google Business listing login credentials with third parties. But if you don’t have an account yet, we can help set it up for you.

What happens after I sign up?

You can book an online meeting with our GMB expert. During the onboarding call, we get to know your business, audit the existing listing you have, plan and discuss your GMB strategy, and more. You can head to our Contact Page to schedule a call so we can learn more about your company.

Do you also offer local listing services?

Yes, we do! We have our regional directories goldfieldskey.com.au and midwestkey.com.au, where we help regional communities connect, grow and thrive.