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Business Key provides Banner Display services that help establish a visual identity of your brand, and boost brand awareness and name recognition.

Business Key Strengthens Your Brand’s Reputation Through Graphic Design

Great graphic design can boost your business’s marketing, giving you power to inform, educate, and even convert potential customers. That’s why we create appealing designs which capture the attention of your customers and help build your company’s brand.

Our Graphic Design Services, Benefits & Inclusions

Logo Design

Your company’s branding begins with a great logo. Strong visuals grab the attention of customers, are memorable and stand out against the competition. Our graphic design team has helped many business owners find a logo they love. We can help create an illustrative and compelling logo for your brand or breathe life into an existing logo to help build trust and credibility for your business.

Business Page Banner Ad

An informative image can transmit ideas that cannot be expressed with words alone. We create professionally designed banner ads that showcase the products and services you offer. These Banner Ads are placed at the top right side of your Business Page to create a positive impression and help strengthen your brand’s message.


Directory Banner Ads on Category Page

Our Directory Banner Ads on category pages are displayed when people search the directory. You can choose from three options: a top banner, side banner, or a panel banner advert. We also make sure all banners are hyperlinked to your Business Page to increase the web traffic and lead engagement.

Exclusive Banner Display Options

You want your company to make a great first impression. The use of excellent graphics can help create a professional image of your business in the eyes of your audience. That’s why we offer our platinum members the option to purchase exclusive banner displays within the directory, such as Home Page Ads, Top Banner Ads (limited to 4 per page), and Regional Area Page banner display options.


Animated Ad Options

Graphic design extends beyond establishing identity and brand recognition. We offer Platinum members the option to purchase animation features to bring their ads to life. It’s very effective at attracting attention and encouraging your audience to want to learn more.

Banner Display Benefits & Inclusions





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What is display advertising?

Display advertising is the use of text combined with graphics to create eye-catching online adverts. These are then placed in a series of designated ‘slots’ across the website, encouraging users to click through and direct them to your Business Page. This way, it allows your brand to be easily recognisable and allows your customers to quickly get familiar with the products and services you offer.

Why do I need display advertising for my business?

In today’s ever-growing marketplace, standing out is becoming more and more difficult. A great graphic design offers visual consistency, which builds your company’s identity and brand recognition.

What results can I expect from display advertising?

Display advertising establishes credibility, creates brand recognition, and firmly positions your business within the marketplace. We design visually exciting graphics in order for your brand to dynamically engage prospects and existing customers. This strategy also further optimises your marketing campaigns, increasing your brand’s online visibility and market position.