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Increase Your Lead Engagement and Brand Awareness

Business Key helps in promoting your business to the top social media platforms. We publish your content on social media to expand your digital presence and drive conversions.

Optimised post captions

A short and compelling description of what products and services your business offers with a call-to-action (CTA) that prompts customers to click. We produce search-engine friendly content that plays an important role and can be utilised to improve post visibility in search engines and drive qualified traffic to your business page.


Visually engaging banners

A powerful way to showcase your products & services and a great strategy to increase your brand awareness.


Promotional feature

We’re committed to promoting your business on our social platforms and tag your page (if you have one) to increase your visibility and bring people’s attention to your page. The content also contains a hyperlinked word or phrase that redirects customers to your business page.

Geotag post locations

An innovative way to engage with your local followers so it easily shows up on all social media platforms and to help users know where to find you.

Generate leads & web traffic

Gain organic traffic coming from our social media posts that generate qualified leads to your business page.


Share post

To maximise the full potential of our social platform, we share your promotional post on various online groups to reach targeted leads based on specific demographics like location, region, interest, people, businesses and many more.

Additional Traffic

With our social media promotions, we can boost your business page’s visibility and search engine rankings.

Social Media Promotions Benefits & Inclusions


Experience first-hand what social media can bring to the table!




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What are social media promotions?

Business Key uses social media platforms or networks to promote your business’s products and services. We help you reach existing customers and reach new ones, which are commonly on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


How does social media help promote my business?

First things first, there’s no doubt that your business should be on social media regardless of the industry you’re in. Social Media has a lot of benefits and the purpose is to connect you with your customers and when done right has great potential of becoming a major source of web traffic. It also helps boost your brand awareness, contributes to your business search engine visibility, promotes your products and services, and so much more.

When will I see the results of your social media promotions?

While the actual amount of time will depend on many circumstances, most social media promotions tend to take about a few months to yield real results and can become a valuable asset to help you achieve your goals!