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Regional communities have trusted Business Key for over 29 years to provide accurate, up-to-date information about local businesses, allowing the community to live local, enjoy local and buy local!

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I have a website, why do I need a Business Page as well?

It’s hard for a website to stand out among the 1.7 billion active websites currently on the internet, let alone a single web page – but when you join forces with an online directory like goldfieldskey.com.au or midwestkey.com.au, we can help drive more traffic to your business. Online directories have replaced traditional paper directories and are one of the leading ways for businesses to connect with their customers. Your Business Page acts as a member of your team, constantly building your online presence and generating leads.

What is a Business Page?

A Business Page acts as a mini-website containing all the relevant information about your business. If you don’t have a separate website yet, a Business Page will save you the time and money in getting your business up online. You can add your contact details, logo, banner advert, business address, opening hours, “About Us” business description, your products and services, gallery images, videos, promotional feature and benefit checklist, and much more.

Why should I choose a Premium Membership if I can have a free listing?

Premium Listings put your business front and centre, and include exclusive advertising banners, multiple search categories and features such as videos, testimonials and listing optimisation. Smart business owners know that customers need constant exposure to their business before they begin to enquire, buy and recommend. Premium listings ensure your brand is seen, time and again by your target customers increasing your brand awareness and return on investment.

What's the importance of Geotagging the images?

Geotagging is to assign a geographical location to your photos so it easily shows up on that particular location and it also helps direct people to your Business Page. We geotag and add image descriptions to your photos as it’s a principle of web accessibility and increasing your rank in search engines.

How does 'Promotional Feature' help in advertising my business?

As potential customers need more concrete information to digest before they convert, this is where ‘promotional feature’ comes in. It is written content about your business with distinction to each category listed. This written content entails a compelling introduction about your business even before they reach your business page, leaving a good first impression while keeping them engaged.