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About Business Key

Our Vision

Our vision is to help regional businesses discover their digital world and in doing so grow local economies, create stronger communities and build a prosperous model for business growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding services, support and technological solutions so businesses can harness the power of digital marketing. We do this through a suite of digital marketing services and products, from website design, SEO and directory listings to location and email marketing, social media and content support.

How We Help

Our passion is “Live local, enjoy local, buy local.”

We help regional businesses ignite sales with advanced digital marketing and online advertising.

And we know when regional businesses prosper, local economies bloom, families thrive and communities grow.

The People Behind the Key

Owner and founder of Business Key, Les Waugh, made the first Goldfields Key directory over 29 years ago. Soon after, he created two new print products – the WA Mining Map and Goldfields Business Planner. Extremely popular, the sought-after advertising placements were snapped up from year to year! Now the beloved print directory has been transformed into an App, online directory and digital marketing hub!

Inspired by our Business Model?

Do you live in a regional area?

Are you looking for a business opportunity?

Want to replicate our business success?

Business Key wants to talk to community minded organisations and individuals who are driven to help regional communities grow and thrive. Our business model is tried and tested and it’s one where the right person can build a successful business under our license without costly development expenses.


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