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Personalised QR Codes

A new feature made to create a buzz and boost customer engagement.

Benefits of Having a Personalised QR Code:

   Branded with your business’s colour scheme and logo.
   Easier and instant access to your business information.
  Adds a modern and tech-savvy touch to your business.

The key advantages of having a QR code is it’s easier for people to get more information about your business, such as your contact details, website, social media profiles, and more. In just one scan, you can leave a lasting impact on potential customers.


Dynamic QR code

Enhance your brand identity by customising a ‘Dynamic QR code’ with your business’s colour scheme, logo, and distinctive design elements. This personalised code will captivate attention and convey more about your business to individuals who scan it. Take the next step and enquire now to unlock this opportunity! 


This scannable QR code is displayed and accessible on the:

Category Page

Personalised QR codes of our premium members are prominently displayed on all category pages. These QR codes can be easily scanned, providing a hassle-free and convenient way to access additional information and learn more about what businesses have to offer right from the category page itself.

Business Page

A business page serves as an information hub for our premium members business, providing essential details such as contact information, company history, products and services offered, and more..

Our premium members have the added advantage of having their personalised QR codes displayed on their business pages, which can be easily scanned by anyone who visits the page and take away additional information or resources related to the business.

“E-Brochure” Tab

This is a tab on the navigation panel of our premium members business page where visitors can access a .JPEG and printable file of the personalised QR code brochure.

Once scanned, visitors are directed to the member’s business page or web address, where they can find all the important details they need.

This printed brochure can be displayed in prominent areas where customers are likely to notice and scan them, like on:

 And more!

Business Cards

Enhance your business cards with a personalised QR code for a seamless customer experience. Scanning the code directs visitors to your business page or website, offering easy access to extensive information and efficiently showcasing your services. Enquire now and don’t miss out on enhancing your networking experience!

Want to know more about how QR Codes can help your business?


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What is a QR Code?

A QR code (short for “Quick Response code”) is a type of barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera or a QR code scanner app. They are typically made up of black and white squares arranged in a square grid pattern. QR codes can store various types of information, such as website links, contact information, product details, and more. When scanned, the code is translated into information that can be viewed on the user’s device.

What is the difference between a Static QR code and a Dynamic QR Code?

In simple terms, a static QR code always leads to the same information or website, while a dynamic QR code can be changed to point to different information or websites. Static codes are fixed, while dynamic codes are flexible and can be edited even after they have been printed, we’ll create a unique code for you that features your brand’s colour scheme, logo, and other design elements.

Where can I display my personalised QR code?

You can display your personalised QR code in many places, including on the back of your business cards, flyers, brochures, product packaging, storefront, windows, doors, shelves, counters, and more. The key is to display it in prominent areas where your customers will likely notice them and be able to scan them easily.

How can I get a personalised QR code for my business?

Simply contact us, and we’ll get started right away. Instead of using a generic QR code, we’ll create a unique code for you that features your brand’s colour scheme, logo, and other design elements.