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Build Your Lifestyle Business 


Want a directory on your region?

Inspired to promote regional business

Want to launch an app for local communities?

If you’re looking for a flexible business in online marketing, then this is ideal for you. As regional marketing specialists, we are looking for savvy business people who are committed to developing regional opportunities for local businesses using digital marketing. Partner with us and implement a tried and tested business model that will grow with you.

Who is this ideal for?

This opportunity is ideal for you if you’re:

A well-connected people person

Looking for a new opportunity

Keen to build a business that fits your lifestyle

When you build your own Local Area Key, you’re unlocking the door to a flexible business that fits around you. Add to that the opportunity to help regional businesses grow and thrive and you can see why partnering with Business Key is a winner.

Our business model is tried and tested and it’s one in where the right person can build a successful business under our license fully supported and without costly development expenses.


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