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Cervantes is located about 200 km North to Northwest of Perth and 24 km South of Jurien Bay. The perfect retreat as it’s home to turquoise waters, white sand and beautiful lobster lunches.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is home to one of the best locations for fishing, diving, snorkelling and marine life viewing as result of the Jurien Bay marine park. You can als experience an unforgettable skydiving adventure over the picturesque Coral Coast!

Dongara-Port Denison

Dongara and Port Denison are coastal, twin-towns in the Shire of Irwin, divided by the mighty Irwin River. These quiet and tranquil towns are rich with history and has a great reputation for taking people into nature’s bliss!


Geraldton is the centre of fishing, agriculture, tourism and construction in the Midwest! With world class beaches in a Mediterranean climate surrounded by rich Aboriginal history and stunning natural surroundings.


Northampton is one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia with a historically rich background. Whether you’re coming back down to Perth or continuing your adventure North, this friendly, country town is well worth the visit!


Kalbarri is the place for tranquillity with it’s white, sandy beaches, turquoise water, jagged cliff edges and a National Park full of psychedelic wildflowers. It’s a coastal town that contains nature’s best all in one place!

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